Behind the SceneSave: Meet Meghan Hoover

Meghan Hoover, founder of SceneSave, answered some questions about why she ditched the corporate life to start her own app.

How did you come up with the idea for SceneSave?

Meghan: I was at my previous company. We had a client and they wanted to know how they could get closer to their fans, how they could better interact with their fans. After we did a social listening audit, there was this sense that people really wanted to be able to shop their shows. I didn’t do much with the idea then, but it was in the back of my mind.

Every time I turned around, it seemed everyone I was talking to was saying ‘oh my gosh did you see that outfit last night’, ‘I want to know where I could get that lamp’, or ‘I wish I could shop this show because I want to buy everything.’

Flash forward to 2016, about 6 years later, trends for cutting the cord and video-on-demand circumventing commercials really started to become more of a thing and more prevalent in the marketplace and a pain point for networks. It then occurred to me that maybe this is the time to start pushing it forward.

How did you know where to start?

Meghan: I slowly started putting the idea together, deciding what would be on the platform, what would be the revenue model, how would we go to market, and really doing a whole bunch of research; market research on other companies that had attempted this in the past and any current companies that were trying it. I came across a few who were out there, but no one was doing the version that I envisioned.

I wanted your TV screen to become a window display. The only way to make that work would be by creating SceneSave as a second screen. As an app on your phone or on your tablet, SceneSave allows you to be on-the-go with the shows that you’re watching without interrupting your on-screen experience wherever that on-screen experience was, on a tablet or a desktop or a laptop.

Why call it SceneSave?

Meghan: I liked the idea of being able to literally save a scene on TV. You want to save it because you want to be able to buy a product later, you want to save it because you want to remember it, you want to save it because there’s something about that scene that you want to hold on to. It just so happens that exact goal was available in a name.

What’s your favorite show?

Meghan: My absolute favorite show is Law and Order SVU because Olivia Benson is a rock star.

What character would you want to shop?

Meghan: I love the way Claire Underwood dresses. I want to own everything that she wears. I don’t know if I love her character, there are moments that I do and moments that I don’t, but I love everything that she wears.

Final question— What makes SceneSave different?

Meghan: There are so many companies out there that claim to put the users first, but they don’t. They don’t listen when the users have a request and they don’t listen when the users have a problem. SceneSave only exists because I listened six years ago. Putting users first is our priority.

We’re building this app for you. We’re building this app based on the trends of how you like to watch and how you want to escape. So you’re already the number one focus for us as our customers. We’re just going to continue to enhance that and build on that by automating some of these functionalities to make it more personal to your viewing and your ‘me time’ experience.