The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gift-Giving

Father’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the question that’s got us all baffled: what do you get a man that has it all?

TV has given us some of our favorite fatherly figures. Think Danny, Jesse, and Joey on Full House harmonizing to lull little Michelle to sleep or Dré working hard to defy stereotypes and build a better future for his kids on Black-ish.

Watching TV is not just about seeing the characters and their stories, it’s about building your own narrative. Every show you watch with the family becomes part of those memories, those inside jokes, that laughter.

SceneSave makes it possible to give dad a gift that’ll make him crack a smile every time he sees it or wears it, something that’ll always remind him of you and the shows and memories you’ve shared.

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1. For The One Who’ll Take You Out to a Ball Game

This cap was worn by Chip Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper and makes for a fun yet practical present. “The Best Dad Ever” type is the ‘thank you’ that every great dad deserves on Father’s Day. Plus, it’s a ball game staple. Pair this cap with tickets to the next one and your gift is sure to be a home run.


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2. For The One That’s Timeless

Ray Holt may not be a father, but every member of the 99th precinct counts as one of his children. As the head of the police department, he serves as a mentor and rule-setter, the quintessential “papa.” This shirt is a classic with a simple, timeless design that your “papa” will never tire of.


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3. For The One That’s All Tied Up

Seth Grayson was all tied up on House of Cards. Meaning his stylist blessed him with this sleek yet simple patterned necktie. Meant for the dads who like to dress to impress, this gift adds a level of sophistication and flare. If blue isn’t your color, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. SceneSave has curated ties from House of Cards and other shows with a variety of color and pattern options.


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4. For The One That’s Kind Of Funny

This shirt would make for a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to get a few laughs. Worn by Justin Stamper on Zombie House Flipping, this one’s for the dads who bring the party wherever they go. It also doubles as a great conversation starter and opener for the next epic dad joke.


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5. For The One That Loves Coffee

Starbucks meets Star Wars meets Last Man Standing with this crossover gift. Ed Alzate’s mug on the show pays tribute to the legendary franchise (“May the froth be with you”). This one is perfect for the dad who thinks he’s Yoda with a love for comedy and caffeine.


With hundreds of products from over a hundred shows, SceneSave is the perfect place to find a thoughtful gift no matter the occasion or person. Download our app to find the items listed above or search for a gift you know your father will love.