Shop The Disappearance: Episode 2

The Disappearance aired on WGN America this past Tuesday, which means another edition of Shop The Disappearance. Check out last week’s episode here for an explanation of the show the first episode’s must-have fashion. 

Unlike last week, there will be spoilers. If you didn’t see this week’s episode but want to see some fashion, just scroll to the character fashion section to skip any spoilers below.

*Spoiler Alert Beginning*

What’s Going On?

In the beginning of the episode, we learn it has now been 2 years since Anthony disappeared. Without any real leads, Henry is attempting to piece the mystery together himself. One thing he had been holding onto was the tree leaf he believed to hold significance to Anthony’s disappearance. Out of frustration, he cuts the same tree he planted down in the front yard.

Henry isn’t the only one working to find Anthony. His parents, Luke and Helen, have come together to try and find their son. After handing out flyers, they are eating in a diner when approached by the staff, who claim Anthony has been in the diner several times recently. 

The police haven’t given up, either. While Luke and Helen are following their lead from the diner, Henry’s old friend, Susan, chases a lead in the woods where Anthony went missing. A stick figure clearly designed by a human is found next the decapitated head of a cat. More cats are found buried in shallow graves, which Susan and Charles begin to investigate.

In the end, it appears Anthony is no closer to being found. The child believed to be Anthony was only mistaken and on the run with his mother. As for the cats, no immediate suspect is available. However, things change at the end of the episode. 

After Henry speaks with Susan and learns about the cats, Luke has a mental breakdown believing he saw Anthony in the home. This results in Henry being confronted with the map on the wall in Anthony’s bedroom. On it, he sees a drawing of a cat. Knowing it means something, the Sullivan family goes to the woods where the cats’ bodies were dug with the help of the neighbor’s dog. The show ends with the characters being confronted by the tree they had been searching for. Someone had cut the original one down and a new one has begun growing beside it.

Hidden in the Episode

Other things did arise in this episode not mentioned above.

  • A man who Henry put in jail back when he was a judge commented hateful things about Anthony on social media. Luke later goes to the man’s home to confront him. He leaves believing Henry’s past might play a role in Anthony’s disappearance.

  • Henry has lunch with Catherine near where they used to have a cabin. She asks why they got rid of the cabin, to which Henry says the area became low rent. A flashback is also shown of him giving a woman in need a large amount of money.

Could it be someone was so upset at Henry they would kidnap Anthony? He was very close to Anthony, so it isn’t crazy. And what about Henry during lunch? There was so much going on in the episode when this scene is shown. Maybe it holds a lot of significance, too? We don’t know who the woman is or why he would give her that much money. 

If you haven’t noticed, Henry is at the center of all the theories. Do you have an idea of how he could be connected to the disappearance? Comment on our social and tell us your theories.

 *Spoiler Alert Ending*

Character Fashion

With all the drama and mystery, it can be hard to focus on the fashion. That is why we bring you some of the more popular looks from the second episode. 


A lot of things have changed for the worse over the past 2 years for Henry but not his sense of fashion. His sports coat with the cardigan is the perfect classy look for this winter and years to come. If you need some boots, Henry’s chukka boots are a great look. 



Luke didn’t make it in this week’s on-screen fashion coverage, but Helen was an easy choice. Her all black outfit with the silver suitcase caught our eye. Not only can you shop fashion with SceneSave, furniture and other items similar to what you see on screen are available. Her sweater in another scene is a comfy, classic look she is known for wearing.



As the chief of police, Susan doesn’t live a boring life. So why should her fashion be any different? A unique green ‘boyfriend’ blazer that doubles as a long-sleeve shirt should be on everyone’s list of must-have fashion. 



No one has ever told Charles that clothing comes in other colors than black. At this point, we aren’t sure he could handle such a truth. It doesn’t matter, though, because he looked great in the second episode. The slight contrast between his dark sweater and coat s eye-catching. Pair it with his black (of course) watch with blue hands and you have a simple, yet sophisticated look.