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Another week, another episode of The Disappearance on WGN America. Are we any closer to Anthony, though? Let’s catch up on what’s happening, give our thoughts, and then see who had the best fashion of the week. Can anyone dethrone Henry when it comes to best dressed?

The Disappearance now airs on 12/11c on Tuesday. If you missed it, make sure to record next week’s episode Tuesday night or on the encore on Wednesday. 


What’s going on

At the end of episode 2, the Sullivan family found the tree they had been looking for. Episode 3 opens with Susan and the police finding buried remains. They weren’t human, but more cats that were decapitated like in episode 2. 

Henry becomes upset when Susan won’t disclose more, as he knows the cats are connected to the case. Anthony had a drawing of a cat on his map. Clearly, he is not willing to wait on the police anymore after 2 years of waiting. He also isn’t willing to allow his family search in what he believes are dead ends.

At home, Henry’s old case files are out. Luke tells his father about the hateful Facebook comments from Jim and how it’s possible his past is responsible for Anthony’s disappearance. This is strongly denied by Henry. Helen also believes it must be possible because she goes to Jim to find out more. Willing to do anything, she ends up being taken to a trailer where Jim hopes to take advantage of her with his friends. 

All while this is happening to Helen, the rest of the Sullivan family have gone rouge. Luke breaks into Susan’s car while she and Charles are questioning Martin, a potential suspect with the same car as the cat killer. From breaking in the car, they learn of 3 potential suspects who have the car in question and a criminal record.

 After interviewing Martin with no luck, the police direct their attention towards Steven. Several questions surround Steven after their conversation with him. Not only is he awkward, he lives in a nice home just two years removed homeless and employed as a janitor. A homeless person they speak with says two years ago a car picked up Steven and she never saw him again. She didn’t recognize the car, but Steven looked like a child on Christmas morning. 

Once Jim’s friend realizes who Helen is and why she is there, he kicks everyone out and protects her. Luke arrives and through the conversation he learns that their mother was raped when she was younger and gave birth to a boy as a result.  

Luke doesn’t have long to think about the revelation. Henry is in the hospital after breaking into Martin’s home. He appears to have had a mental breakdown after not finding anything connecting Martin with Anthony. 

Once home, though, he tries to learn if he might be the child of a rape and not Henry’s son. Luckily, he isn’t. However, who is?


Our Thoughts

We have so many thoughts and questions after this episode, it is hard to coherently put them together. We’ll give it our best shot. 


When the police question Steven, the home looked eerily similar to the house Anthony is seen riding away from in the first episode. Is this to further confuse us or is Steven involved? We think Steven is definitely involved.

More importantly, who even is Steven? We learn he is an orphan at the end of the episode. Could he be the child conceived from the rape? Even if he is, that still doesn’t answer everything. Someone else is must be involved. There is no way he could afford the house he lives in. 


The Cats

If you have any theories on the cats, we would love to hear them. Usually people who torture and kill animals are serial killers. It doesn’t seem likely that Anthony is involved with a serial killer; no one else has gone missing and police never mentioned missing children before Anthony. 



The sick patient Catherine takes care of has continued to get more attention in the show. Do we smell romance in the air?


We decided to give this blog a twist and focus on furniture from this episode. It’s too hot to even look at the winter clothing in The Disappearance.

The Disappearance Furniture

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A simple, yet modern kitchen table featured in the Sullivan’s home should fit in most dining rooms. 


The couch in Fred’s house was nice—like everything else. How much money does that man have? The good news, if you were thinking of a furniture purpose, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get a similar couch.


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