Shop The Disappearance: Episode 4

The best episode thus far of the series spends time answering questions we’ve been dying to know rather than focus specifically on searching for Anthony. Mainly the child Margaret has as a result of her rape is explained. 

It can’t be missed, so if you didn’t see episode 4, make sure to watch or record the encore of The Disappearance on WGN America Friday. 


What’s Going On 

A young Henry dropping of a child to Andrea Smith is how the episode opens. She signs paperwork, is given a check, and declares the child is a gift—one she will take great care of. 

Next, it becomes evident Steven Price is the main suspect for Susan and Charles. How he can afford this home and his troubled past, which includes a criminal record, cannot be ignored. 

In the hospital, Luke waits for Henry to wake up. Henry, of course, is in the hospital following his breakdown after breaking into the home of Martin at the end of the previous episode. Luke wants to confront his father about the rapist (Jason) and the child, who he briefly thought was himself. Catherine enters at this time and also begins to question Henry.

Trying to use his current medical situation, he says he is tired and doesn’t want to talk about it. Still, he admits they were never supposed to know about the child and how the boy was given to the clerk. Though, he lies saying he doesn’t know who the clerk was or anything else. 

The child drama ceases to end with the mystery orphan. Helen is pregnant and it is something Luke cannot come to terms with. He views it as Helen is trying to replace Anthony and has given up on finding Anthony. On the other hand, because Luke mentions they “lost Anthony,” she accuses him of giving up. It isn’t clear if she will have the child or not. 

Henry is still in the hospital, but his outlook is changing. His friendship with Fred makes his time there enjoyable. In such a short time, the two become close. Fred gives Henry a book and they talk often. Towards the end of the episode, they even speak about the case and the clues Henry is trying to understand. These conversations lead to the decision that the man who killed that cats must want to be caught. Why else would he leave the decapitated cat head out in the open after 2 years?

Continuing the investigation into Steven Price, she visits the old orphanage he lived in with the man who used to run the orphanage. Apparently, one of the reasons it closed down is because of a suicide. Tommy was a bully that later on killed himself. Steven Price was one of his victims; even tying him to a tree for an unknown amount of time. Susan questions the man if Steven could have killed Tommy but is answered with a no. Steven had an alibi from another orphan he was with at the time of the suicide. 

Luke and Catherine visit the clerk, Debbie Smith, in a nursing home after their conversation with Henry. However, she doesn’t want to talk about the child. She is visibly shaken by the topic and tells them Henry knows everything, which is news to them. Shortly afterwards, a family member of Debbie confronts Luke.

The man believes Luke was the one who had threated Debbie shortly before to keep quiet about the adopted child. Once learning that isn’t the case, he speaks with Luke and tells him everything. Luke learns it was Andrea, not Debbie, who raised the child named David. Andrea had a drug problem and had prostituted herself before getting better and taking in David. Soon after, though, she began to have issues. It reached the point the man speaking with Luke gave Andrea an ultimatum to either get better or lose David. The next time he saw Andrea, she had been dead for two days and the child had been stuck with her. A horrible and traumatizing experience, the police took David to an orphanage and he was never seen again. 

Given the insights after speaking with Fred, Henry tells Susan to run an autopsy to see if there is anything in the mouth of the cat. She believes Henry is crazy until the results come back; there is something in the cat’s mouth—a photo. The photo is of Margaret and features clues on it. Someone is playing games with the Sullivan family. A treasure hunt like Henry made for Anthony is now being done to them. 

Lastly, the episode ends on a grim note. Charles Cooper breaks into Steven Price’s home and is shot and killed by Steven. 


Our Thoughts


Is he David? He was in an orphanage, too. Not to mention, his past and even present situation are confusing. If he killed the child in the orphanage, which seems possible because he shot Charles and is definitely the cat killer, who gave him the alibi? Could they be the one who picked Steven up off the streets as described in episode 3?



If Steven isn’t David, who could be? How does David play a role in the disappearance of Anthony if it isn’t Steven? We know Steven is the cat killer that left the clue (picture) in the cat’s mouth so it’s obvious Steven is involved. Perhaps the child that gave Steven an alibi and picked him up off the streets is David? 


The Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt aspect almost seems like it is personally directed towards Henry, who has adamantly denied such a connection throughout the series. If anyone has an idea on this, we would love to know. We are lost. 

What we aren’t lost on is fashion. Let’s look at some of the fashion worn in episode 4. 


The Disappearance Fashion

Avoiding the winter fashion, which will need to be shopped soon enough, Catherine, Luke, and Henry are our honorable mentions for this week. 


Catherine Sullivan

Her high-rise skinny jeans don’t have a wow-factor, but sometimes shopping shows with SceneSave is also about finding the simple things you love and purchasing them instantly without the need to search or specifically think about the item. 


The turtleneck sweater, as seen in the picture, not only serves as a nicer look but also for everyday wear.

Luke Sullivan

We know Luke has been featured before because of his sports jackets and blazers, but we couldn’t resist showing off another he wore this week. A brown sports jacket that he wears with a plaid button up is the classic Luke outfit—well-dressed but casual.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 14.34.31.png



Henry Sullivan

Henry, unlike Luke, does have a big change in his style. Stuck in the hospital, the undisputed sharp-dressed king goes rogue. He switches his blazers and loafers for robes and sweatpants. For a show that doesn’t feature comfy wear often, we decided it was worthy for mentioning.