Shop The Disappearance: Episode 5


Spoiler alert, there will be no fashion for Charles Cooper this episode. Thanks, Steven. Jokes aside, this was another great episode full of gripping suspense leading us to the finale. We finally find out who David Price is, where Anthony has been all this time, and of course see more great fashion. 


What’s Going On

The beginning of the episode follows the ending of the last. Steven Price is getting rid of Charles Cooper’s body—leaving him in the trunk of his car in a parking garage. He is later found by Susan and allows the police to close in on Steven.

Luke continues his belief that David Price is somehow involved in Anthony’s disappearance. As usual, Henry refuses to accept it as a possibility. Rather, he is fixated on the treasure hunt he created; maybe out of guilt. He believes the police should be looking for clues left by the kidnapper at the places along his treasure hunt. 

This goes as far as exhuming the body of Margaret. Since the clue was left in the cat, why not in Margaret’s grave? It ends up not coming to this, though.

While this is happening, Helen is visiting Debbie Smith. There, she learns Henry lied to Debbie and everyone to hide David from Margaret. Despite everything, towards the end of her life, Margaret is contacted by David. She kept a relationship with him and was left very upset after learning about his misfortunate childhood that she unknowingly participated in causing. 

As Helen looks at a photograph of David, she realizes the initials on the back and solves the “88” clue. They are 8’s split, which are 3’s. 33 is arsenic, AS, Andrea Smith. It isn’t Margaret’s grave that needs to be exhumed, it is Andrea’s. 

We said earlier, some good did come from Charles’ death—the police can finally take Steven Price into custody. When they enter his home, though, he isn’t there. What was there is the child where Anthony had presumably been kept over the past years of his disappearance. In the wall, is a picture of Margaret with an unknown man towards the end of her life. It must be David, right? 

 It is. And David is actually Fred. Fred goes to Henry’s room and Henry begins telling Fred all the wrong things he did to this child David. When Fred finishes the sentence of what David had said as a child, he cannot believe what is happening. Fred/David tells Henry to be home tomorrow with more police if he wants to see Anthony again. 

 Throughout the episode, a story is depicted of the sweet, smart nature of David as a child. It ends with Fred going to the hospital to see that Margaret has died. Because he was a secret, he couldn’t take part in the grieving. It’s clear his suffering never truly ended; even after being connected with his mother. 

 Still, he did kidnap Anthony. 


Our Thoughts

It’s clear what’s happened, so we don’t have to give any conspiracy theories for this episode. We’re mind-blown and most likely you are, too. Give us your thoughts in the comment section of our social media on what you think will happen in the final of The Disappearance. 




Henry Sullivan

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Luke Sullivan

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Catherine Sullivan

Does she have a good taste in men? No, but she does when it comes to fashion.


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