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If you’re here, you should have watched the finale of The Disappearance by now. I you haven’t please watch it. I know our coverage of The Disappearance is amazing but you’re missing out. The finale of The Disappearance is mind-blowing and below we talk about everything.

**Spoiler Alert**

So, in episode 5, we learn Fred is David Price. Not only has he gotten back at Henry by kidnapping his grandson, he also made a fake friendship with him and had a relationship with his daughter. 


Luke was right all along, Henry’s past was involved. With the help of cat and cop killer Steven, Fred pulls off the perfect crime. After torturing Henry for years, he finally gives him hope to find his grandson. Things take a grim turn, though,

 We loved Henry in the beginning. He was witty, honest and had a great sense of fashion. Still, there is no denying he had a troubled past. Sadly, he was confronted with the choice to pay for that past in one of two ways. If you’re like us, it was a sad but defying moment to watch Henry save Anthony. 


Our Thoughts

The Disappearance was a great show. It was well-written, realistic, and had great acting. It’s a short series but we found ourselves still making relationships with the characters (#RIPCharles #TeamLuke). The show is a reminder that TV series don’t require huge budgets to be great TV.  

If you missed any episodes, we recommend watching it on WGN America’s on-demand service.

Usually we share our favorite fashion from each episode, but the finale was too emotional for us to talk about fashion. Click here to see fashion from the other 5 episodes or download our app to discover all the products seen on-screen in The Disappearance.


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