Best Dressed: Outfits from Black-ish


The ABC comedy Black-ish is so popular it inspired the spin-offs Grown-ish and Mixed-ish. The former is also available in the SceneSave app, while the latter will premiere this fall. Providing humor to serious socio-political issues, Black-ish is a show we recommend without even considering the fashion. But this wouldn’t be a fashion blog if we don’t talk about fashion. So let’s spill the tea! Here are the most fashionable characters from Black-ish, which sets high wardrobe expectations.

Zoey Johnson

Yara Shahidi as Zoey

Yara Shahidi as Zoey

Played by Yara Shahidi, Zoey Johnson is a main character in seasons 1-3, before leaving the show to be a part of Grown-ish. With her popularity as a fashion icon and recurring role in seasons 4 and after, it was a no-brainer to include her.

Her character (and fashion) development from a high schooler in Black-ish to following her life in college in Grown-ish makes her the perfect TV character to shop. She begins her journey on Black-ish as the most popular girl in school with impeccable fashion. Through the first 3 seasons, she becomes more mature and her fashion more refined for older audiences. Zoey is such a fashionista, she even undertakes a fellowship at Vogue in season 3 of Black-ish. Her transition into Grown-ish as the main character gives you two new shows to watch and shop.


How to Dress like Zoey Johnson

Want to pull off graphic tees with funky boots and still look like the coolest kid on the block? Zoey Johnson continuously shows us an effortless mix-and-match of prints and textures, not to forget cute accessories! Bring back the stylish denim-overall combined with trendy hoop earrings. Here are some essential pieces to have in your wardrobe to look as cool as our favorite Black-ish and Grown-ish character.

Zoey Johnson’s Outfits to Shop


Hot Dad Style à la Andre “Dre” Johnson


The successful, wealthy father of Zoey Johnson, Andre Johnson, who is concerned with making sure black culture remains a part of his family’s suburban lifestyle. As a marketing executive, Andre is more than just well-dressed. Designer clothes from top to bottom. He can even make pajama pants look hot! We love his vibrant cool dad style.

Dre’s Outfits to Shop

Anthony Anderson  as ‘Dre'

Anthony Anderson as ‘Dre'


Powerful Woman: Rainbow “Bow” Johnson

Tracee Ellis Ross  as Rainbow

As an anesthesiologist, Rainbow is also a successful woman that contributes to the suburban lifestyle that troubles Andre. Complicating the racial theme more, Rainbow is bi-racial. She doesn’t see race in everything, unlike her husband. The mother of four is a kick-ass woman dominating her professional life, while also being there as a mother. Even better, she has a great sense of humor and fashion. Our favorite quote of hers is, “if I’m not black can someone tell my hair and my ass.” Here are our favorite outfits that will make you feel as powerful as Rainbow!

Rainbow’s Outfits to Shop