Best Dressed: Outfits from Grown-ish


A spin-off of Black-ish, Grown-ish chronicles Zoey Johnson’s college journey. As the eldest child in the Johnson family and the most popular, fashionable high school student in Black-ish, it is no wonder why Zoey Johnson gets her own show. If you haven’t seen Black-ish, we recommend watching it before Grown-ish. Who did we rank as the highest fashionistas in Black-ish? Find out here!

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About Grown-ish
Leaving home to tackle adulthood and a college education doesn’t always go as expected. The same can be said for Zoey. Her struggles are relatable and fun, but the show doesn’t stop there. Following the theme of Black-ish, it tackles social issues in a lighthearted way.

Zoey Johnson

If you’ve read our previous blog post on her fashion, you know Zoey Johnson is one of the most popular TV characters for fashion. That doesn’t change in Grown-ish, although she continues the theme of transforming her style as she ages and matures. Apart hoop earrings, they stay, of course!

At times, she can be seen wearing gender neutral modest clothing you expect in day-to-day life as an overwhelmed student. However, Zoey can’t ditch her colorful, vibrant style completely. Her striped sweater and pink sweatshirt with different colored symbols are classic Zoey.

Zoey Johnson’s Outfits to Shop


Ana Torres

The best friend and roommate of Zoey, Ana is another fashion mainstay in Grown-ish. Her relationship with Zoey starts off rocky, as the two fight when first becoming roommates. Take a look at some of her fashion to get to know Ana.

Ana’s Outfits to Shop


The Forster Twins

Twin athletes with a love-hate relationship, these two are not on-screen as much as Zoey or Ana. Nevertheless, their fashion deserves recognition. Zoey is colorful, but she doesn’t have anything on the Forster twins. Their fashion is vibrant and loud, bound to make a statement no matter the setting.

A fun fact, these two got their start on YouTube singing covers of Beyoncé propelling them to TV. Watch it here.

Forster Twins’ Outfits to Shop


Luca Hall


Let’s not forget about Luca, Zoey’s boyfriend. As an art and fashion design student (and fulltime stoner) it was out of question to include him in our list! Plus, he also works alongside Zoey at Teen Vogue, an internship he got by chance. His outlandish, innovative and stylish outfits can definitely be categorized as trend setters. His bizarre, but cool fashion choices mirror his relaxed attitude toward life.