Best Dressed: Outfits from Dynasty


Dynasty is one of those shows you expect the fashion to be good and it delivers. The lavish life of the Carrington Family makes it a great choice for shoppable TV, especially if you fancy designer clothes.

The show is also great if you love drama. Dynasty immediately pours on the drama in the first episode as Fallon Carrington learns her father Steve is engaged to Cristal Flores, the Head of Public Relations for Carrington Atlantic. She believes Cristal is a gold-digger, but is she right? After all, Fallon is convinced. Everything is turned upside down when questions of Cristal’s identity and a murder come into play.

Dynasty 2.0

A remake from the 1980’s soap opera, the Carrington’s are just as rich and drama-ridden as in the classic Dynasty. However, changes are made to increase inclusion and diversity. Rather than being set in Denver, CW’s version of Dynasty occurs in Atlanta. Steven is homosexual, Cristal and her nephew Sammy Jo are Venezuelan, and business rival Jeff Colby is Nigerian.

The modern approach to the remake not only deserves a nod for CW, but it makes the fashion more diverse, too. It’s a win-win for SceneSave users.

Cristal Flores Carrington

The wife of Blake Carrington and employee of Carrington Atlantic, Cristal is a Venezuelan immigrant with a shaky past. Her style espouses luxury from silk robes to chic dresses. Definitely polished, from head to toe. She makes elegant pieces look youthful and modern.

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Fallon Carrington

Fallon is the representation of old money, stylish and bold. Unlike Cristal, luxury and high fashion have been her entire life thanks to her father, Blake. You’re likely to find business casual and trendy fashion that isn’t solely meant to be worn for billionaire extravaganzas.

Fallon’s Outfits to Shop


Steven Carrington

Another of Blake’s children, Steven dresses like your everyday guy, except for the fact he is crazy rich and has a great sense of fashion. Still, he dresses like the average guy—just better. If you love sweaters and button-up shirts, look no further. He also sports a nice range of graphic tees and hats making his wardrobe a must-have for every guy.

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