Best Dressed: Outfits from Riverdale


The show begins with a new school year, but things have changed since the year before. Not for the usual high school reasons, though. Rather, because wealthy and popular high school student Jason Blossom had just been murdered over the summer.

Based on the characters from the Archie Comics, Riverdale follows Archie’s life in the small, yet dark town of Riverdale. Pairing typical teenage drama and love with murderous deceit makes for a thrilling, addictive show for a wide range of audiences to enjoy. So let us tell you, who the biggest fashionistas are in Riverdale. But not just that, but you can actually shop all of the items in our free app.

Please don’t judge us for not including Archie in the fashion. He is great, but who doesn’t love Cole Sprouse?

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl is Jason Blossom’s twin sister. Head cheerleader and social queen of Riverdale High School, her life seems perfect. However, she struggles—especially after the death of her brother. Cheryl’s mother blames her and her father is disappointed in her. In his eyes, Jason was the “golden boy”.

No matter the internal battles she faces, on the outside Cheryl is fierce. Just like her attitude, her fashion is not for the faint-hearted. Often red and always scandalous, Cheryl grabs attention with her style.

Cheryl’s Oufits to Shop in our App

There’s no question what Cheryl’s favorite color is ;-)

There’s no question what Cheryl’s favorite color is ;-)

Betty Cooper

Long-time best friend of Archie, Jughead, and Veronica, Betty is probably the most popular female character. Typically the good girl, personified as an editor for the school newspaper, she reaches out to her friend Veronica to break away from her perfect image.

Betty is colorful in her fashion, but the good girl still radiates from her sense of style. She is known for jeans, cardigans, and buttoned jackets that can fit most occasions, unlike Cheryl’s wardrobe.

Betty’s Outfits to Shop

Betty typically dressed as the good girl, unless her dark side catches up to her

Betty typically dressed as the good girl, unless her dark side catches up to her

Veronica Lodge

Veronica isn’t from Riverdale, she moved there from New York with her mother after her father was arrested. Still, she is also popular as the leader of the high school band Veronica and the Pussycats. Her relationship with Archie is also a storyline in Riverdale.

Veronica is different than the other characters featured in this blog. Her clothing is often dark but never grim, something between gothic and chic. Weird mix, but that’s how Veronica’s style could be described best. Known for skirts and dresses, Insider also mentions her impressive collection of accessories from bowties to pearl necklaces.

Veronica’s Outfits to shop


Jughead Jones

Last but not least & our personal favorite: Judghead! As the narrator of the series, Jughead is an important part of the show. In case you needed another reason for Archie being omitted from the list. He is an aspiring writer and the leader of the Southside Serpents gang. Plus, throughout the seasons, he just gets hotter and hotter. Are you Team Archie or Jughead?

As a serpent and aspiring writer, his character is complex and intriguing (just like his fashion). You better love fall, though. Jughead’s leather and denim jackets are a staple in Riverdale.

Jughead’s Outfits to shop