SceneSave: The Pilot

The pilot, the first episode of a show, is aptly named. It signifies not only the start of something new, but the potential for the show to “take off.” The pilot is also the breeding grounds for experimentation, the trial and error that goes into molding the show into what it will become. Often, the setting and premise may be set in stone but character arcs and development are still largely up in the air and adaptable. It takes faith, trust, and a whole lot of audience feedback in order to shape it. It may take till the second episode, or maybe even the second season, for it to find its groove and build a following, but all the best things are worth the wait.

It’s safe to say SceneSave is in its pilot phase right now. It’s growing and changing, but it’s driving force—it’s mission—is a done deal.

100% Consumer-Centric

SceneSave operates with the intent to make every product in every scene you see on screen attainable. One click, and it’s yours.

This logic turns each episode you watch into a moving window display, and each character into a model. Every time you grab a remote or turn on Netflix, you would be window shopping, absorbing the stories you love and exposing yourself to products you could purchase simultaneously. Talk about multitasking.

Furthermore, the items are all curated by professionals. The stylists behind the scenes handpicked these products to dress your favorite characters. Using the app allows you to receive two services for the price of one. Not only do you get that leather jacket you saw on Chicago Fire, but you also walk away knowing that you’ve gotten an expert’s opinion. The product itself is high quality, on-trend, and specially curated for a character with which you can relate. All the work has been done for you so you can look and feel your best.

The process is blissfully simple and hassle-free. You see it. You SceneSave it. No commercials necessary.


SceneSave’s founder Meghan Hoover has always prioritized the company’s charitable alignments. With the purchase of specific products, SceneSave hopes to donate a portion of the proceeds to support nonprofits in their effort to give back to the community. Each charity was handpicked by Meghan based on the focus, reach, and impact of the organization. Stay tuned for our charity spotlights where we will delve into the causes we support and how you can make a difference!


As the first-ever application to bring products as seen on TV to your fingertips, SceneSave is in the process of becoming a force to be reckoned with.

While scrolling through the app, you’re able to select products not only based on the characters, but by the actors and actresses who played them, show titles, and specific scenes. The trending section on the home page also allows you to see products grouped based on trends exhibited across shows, like beach wear and floral patterns so you can see what the stars are wearing and align trends with your personal style. We’re regularly adding new shows and trends to the app so you can stay up to date with the latest looks and seasonal favorites.  

Want to see a particular product or show on the app? Have feedback? We’re all ears. Shoot us an email at