How it Works


SceneSave gives you the ability to shop the products and experiences you see on TV. The app creates a seamless discovery experience; that allows you to find the looks curated by the same professionals who dress your favorite characters. Never stress about an outfit again. 

Like It? Scenesave it. 

Discover Your Favorite Shows

  • Never be left wondering again. With SceneSave you can discover what your favorite characters are wearing, where they're eating, the glamorous places they travel to and so much more. At Scenesave we're elevating the on-demand experience, breaking through the fourth wall and granting access to everything that can be found in your favorite shows. The aspirational just became attainable.

  • Your curiosity just got satisfied. Browse, shop, discover and derive inspiration from your favorite shows, characters and scenes right at your fingertips. Scenesave brings everything you see on TV in one convenient place. 

AI That Continuously Learns

  • Scenesave app technology learns with every search. Users can browse at their fingertips, ask the app to find it for them or record the scene and let scenesave do the work. Discovering has never been easier. 


Where It Works

  • Available on Android & iOs mobile & tablet devices

  • Works while watching live TV or OnDemand and while using Roku, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick


 Now you can. Shop what you see on TV, the moment you see it. At Scenesave, there is something for everyone.