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Obsessed with the dresses in Empire, or the suits in Suits?
Want to book a dinner reservation at the same restaurant where Severide and Casey eat in Chicago Fire?Interested in renting the house in Gossip Girl through AirBnB?

Shop what you see on TV, the moment you see it.
Apparel, jewelry, furniture, food, vacation destinations - you name it.

Scenesave it!

Any time you're watching TV, you can ask Scenesave to get direct access to what your favorite characters are wearing, doing, experiencing or enjoying. 

  • Available on all mobile devices and tablets
  • Works with Roku, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, OnDemand
  • Even works with live TV
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  • Browse by show if you don't want to speak commands

Just say, "Hey Scenesave! Empire - season five, episode two - tiger print dress and purple heels."

Purchase the exact match, or browse similar matches.


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